So, who the heck am I? I’m Heili, your resident “non-expert” on all things Health Home and Fitness.

Why am I a “non-expert”, and not an expert? That’s because even though I’ve been reading about health and fitness and have been exercising off and on for years, I still have so much to learn! And I want you to learn with me, that’s why I’ve decided to document my discoveries and share my tips with this blog.

So really, who am I? I’m a 30 year old, newly (less than a year) married woman who is desperate to live a happy and healthy life with my husband. I have things to learn and pounds to lose, but I’m determined to find a way back to my past-self, a girl who felt proud of who she was inside and out.

I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures, trying out my tips and are able to find your way to a fit and healthy you and a happy and healthy home.

Love yourself!